Thursday, March 13, 2014

Three month results (update 5/14)

So I am posting my jazzercise shirt result pics...

Three months ago (2/14/14) I posted the following pic.

I was 315 pounds. And just finished my second jazzercise class.

Below is a pic I took on 3/14 after my jazzercise class. (honestly I've lost track as to how many I've been too). I now weight 304 pounds.

My sister in law wanted a side pic... So here it is.

I can see some about you?

Below are a few pictures I took today (4/17). 3 months into this and current weight is 297. I believe my slow weight loss is due to the muscle I am gaining in my workouts and challenges. :). I'm ok with this as long as I am healthy and happy. Let me know if you see any changes. I know I sure can!!!

5/14 pics and weight

Today I weighed in at 292. I have had a rough month and haven't really worked out into weeks. Started back up again this week and will keep you updated on how things go as often as possible. I don't see much of a change from last month, but I'm still going down. Only 112 pounds to my all time goal. And only 12 pounds to my first goal. Yay!

Anyway, I will blog later about other fun stuff.. Just wanted to share this with you while it was on my mind.

Much love!


  1. Dottie you look awesome. I have been following your FB posts wondering how you are enduring all the 'pain' of exercising!!! I know it has benefits, I SEE it has benefits. Keep going my friend...

  2. You are an inspiration!! Keep on kicking butt girl!!!

  3. You are an inspiration. Keep going - even when it is tough. And thank you for sharing your journey with us!