Sunday, March 23, 2014

So far....

Well, since being on my own with this meal plan..I've had my ups and downs. While I am still losing weight, the progress has slowed immensely.

My previously recorded weight was 304.0 two weeks ago.

Here are the results from last week and this week.

Starting weight week of 3/9: 304
Week of 3/16: 302
Total loss for the week: 2 pounds

Week of 3/23: 301.6
Total loss for the week: .4 pounds

Total weight loss: 13.4 pounds.

Now mind you I have been doing a lot of strength training this week and last, so some of this could be muscle...however, I have also been more lax with my water, and I did have a lot of dairy and a candy bar this week. (stress eat much). I have also quit logging what I eat.

I am going to have to remove temptations from my sight. The plan is to get in the fridge and remove all temptation. Also to add one to two more days of cardio, and to start logging food on my fitness pal.

All in all, I don't consider this .4 pound loss a failure as it is still a step in the right direction....I am proud of where I have come from, and where I am headed. No doubt, I am moving onward and upward. 😊

Have a blessed day!

Much love.

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