Saturday, February 8, 2014

The unforeseen, foreseen things.

It has been a few days since I've written.

To be honest, the last two days have really opened up a doorway I expected, but then again didn't expect to open. I have made some poor decisions eating wise, but honestly, that is not the worst thing that happened this week. And I wouldn't say what happened was bad, but definitely put a few bumps in my road.

Ok, I'm done speaking in code. On Friday I was relieved of my duties at my current job. This was something I had expect would happen, but also a little unexpected when it came to timing. I liked my job and really cared for some of the people I worked with, but I knew the end was near, and I had peace about it. I had written my resume already and had even asked for letters of recommendation from my boss to include, if needed. I was not sad, or happy about losing my job....just at peace. As I signed the exit paperwork I felt a giant weight lift off my shoulders.

I was free.

I was given a blank canvas to start a new masterpiece on. I could now do whatever I want, whenever I want. There was nothing tying me down. Upon signing that paper, I was given a chance at a new beginning.

Ah-maz-Ing!!! Thank you, God!!!

Jobs are a dime a dozen if your willing to do the work...but a chance to make different choices, and to focus on what I really want to do with my life are too few and far between. I am soooooo lucky!!

It is hard to believe that I have all of this blank canvas to work with. Or to put it another way
.... I have a blank page to re-write my story. Not everyone is given this chance

I know, I know...i still need a job...i have bills and responsibilities...(I know my roommate would appreciate me getting a job sooner than later) but I have time to find a job that will work around my needs. And maybe not just a job, but multiple jobs, or maybe even a job in the music/theater field.... Now, that could be fun. :-)

Anyway, all this to say, don't worry about me, I'm looking out at a world with infinite possibilities and I am excited to see where this next chapter goes. Woo hoo!!! I'm not even writing my own story anymore. It's like I'm riding the wave to see where it drops me off! Wow. This could really be interesting.

Lets see what happens next. Shall we?!?

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