Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The Cats meow

So, yesterday (2-25) I spent some time job searching. I applied for 4-5 jobs...and feel pretty good about it. I am probably over qualified for most of them, but I felt its a good time to start really looking. Most of the jobs are in the area here, but two are out of state. We will see if we hear back from any of them.

Yesterday was also day two of my new meal plan. The items below are what I ate. Unfortunately, I forgot to take a pick of the baby carrots and almond butter...but you can probably imagine for yourself what that looked like. :-)

For breakfast I had a 3 oz chicken sausage link with saute'd onions and green peppers. Fried in coconut oil. Surprisingly delicious.

For a,snack I had 1 cup of baby carrots and two table spoons of almond butter (I got this from the bulk section at Hyvee - did you know you can grind your own almond or peanut butter there??)

Lunch consisted of the turkey chili I made the previous night. Even better the second day.

And dinner I had 4 oz dark meat chicken, 1/2 cup green beans and sliced tomatoes and cucumbers with a light dressing on them

I was still hungry after dinner so I munched on baby carrots and almond butter.

I drank 150 oz of water yesterday and found myself on the pee brigade quite often. I am also realizing that my body is also taking to this new meal plan like a cleanse.... Fun times.

In other news, last week I auditioned for Cats and got offered the role of Demeter. Of course I accepted it. And I am thrilled to be performing with many of my friends from previous shows. I can not wait to start rehearsals!!! The show is being dome through mid-life players, a theater group for adults 35 and up who love performing classics and its done in a readers theater fashion. So this could be even more interesting. :-)

I am really looking forward to it. Once I nail down performance times and dates, I will let you all know.

Much love. Keep living your dream and never give up hope.

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