Monday, February 3, 2014

The way it was....

Today I decided to start tracking what I eat again. This used to work for me when I participated in the weight watchers program. And about a year ago I got turned onto this app (free of course) called "My Fitness Pal". I had used it at that time to track my food and exercise and had some success with it. But like every new fad, I grew tired of it and I'd find myself fudging on my food journal. I really didn't have anyone to be accountable I just gave up. I'm starting again with the hopes I won't quit this time.

Also, I was reading some of the comments on my Facebook status and my eye drew to something my sister in law said: "What ever you did before, in Steelville, worked." so I started thinking about those days. I had joined weight watcher's, moved to steelville, had a job that kept me moving all day long, and sometimes all night, i found an exercise I enjoyed, and a friend who did it with me, AND I blogged. I would post pics monthly of the weight loss.

So I guess you could say (minus the job that allows me to move all the time and weight watchers and the friend to work out with) I am technically doing the same thing. So, huzzah!!! Maybe it will work for me again.

I want tell you this one thing, every day is a gift. We are not promised tomorrow, and when it all comes down to it, we should all want to experience life to our fullest potential.

It takes one step in the right direction, that's all.
Personally, I hope im doing just that.

Now, here is what I ate today....just in case you care


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  2. is that all you ate yesterday? We might have to talk if thats the case :) Dont go jumping off the deep end. Just count, watch, be honest with yourself :D and no cheating on fitness pal. Just because you exercise off 900 calories doesnt mean you re-eat them, JUS SAYIN"

  3. Thanks Sherry. I appreciate you!!